Let’s Play: 4 Car Games Perfect For Kids – Lexington, KY

Car rides can get ridiculously tedious, especially for young kids. Yes, they’re excited to be going to Disneyland or Disney World for the first time, but it’s only a matter of time before they start asking the phrase you dread most: “Are we there yet?”

I’ve been on enough car rides with younger kids to attest that this is very true, and it’s always a problem when you’re the driver. In the end, there’s really only one way for the kids to be kept entertained and not driving you crazy. That magical solution is car games.

Now, fortunately for me, I was an only child. It didn’t take much to keep me entertained or distracted on a long car ride. Get me a Gameboy or some music for a few hours and I’m good. This isn’t a luxury for most families that have more than one child. If you fall into the latter group, car games are for you.

There have been instances where kids make up their own car games while playing the classic ones. Looking for some help? Here are some car games perfect for kids of all ages:

License Plate Game

I never played this game. When I tell people that, they give me this weird look like I grew up in a very odd family, or something. Just have the kids look out the window and keep track of license plates of different states, and whoever gets the most without duplicates wins. Sounds simple and fun enough.

Play Some Cards

If you’re a couple of adults playing cards in the backseat, this may not be as fun if you’re not playing for money. But for kids, a rousing game of Go Fish will suffice. After a best of nine series, you should be halfway to your destination. That is, if someone doesn’t try to cheat.

Counting Cows

Chances are you will pass a great number of cows along the way. Have the kids count the cows. It takes some serious skill to count as many as possible while in a vehicle going over 75 miles per hour. Chances are also good that you’ll only get to one point that has cows, and the game will end right there.

Mad Libs

I’m not entirely sure if they still make Mad Libs, but if so, get a few. They were a mainstay in my fourth-grade class, thanks to a teacher that really took pride in teaching us history. Mad Libs were always great for things like that. If you get a few, there will be no boredom.


Car games are terrific and are a great way to pass time through long road trips. They also ensure you won’t be as bored, especially when driving through the country enjoying all the new 2015 Hyundai Sonata features, courtesy of the best Hyundai dealership in Lexington. Make sure to check out the 2015 Hyundai Sonata summer specials to save extra dough before the school year starts for the kids, too!