School’s Out! 6 Graduation Gifts for the Car Lover – Lexington, KY

It’s that time of year again! Graduation is coming up and, if your teen is graduating from high school, congratulations!  You’re probably looking for the perfect graduation present for them, and I have some great suggestions for you if your teen is a car fanatic! I know, you’re waiting for me to tell you to go to Glenn Hyundai and pick up a great used Hyundai Sonata (which would be awesome, if you wanted to…) but I know we all just got through with taxes, so I kept it easy on the pocketbook.  These graduation gifts for the car lover are perfect whether you’re buying for a guy or girl, so I’ve listed them by price so you can start planning:

$100 +

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700-Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter with Power Source and Air Compressor

This may seem a bit pricey, but if the battery goes dead on during their celebratory roadtrip, this is PRICELESS. I keep one of these in my garage, and it has saved me quite a number of times in the morning.  You know, when you don’t close the door all the way, and the interior lights are on ALL NIGHT.  Not that, you know, I’ve ever done that (ha! Except for ALL THE TIME!).

$50 – $100

Rightline Gear 100S50 Sport Jr. Car Top Carrier

Your new grad is probably going to head off to college soon.  That means that their room will soon need to be packed up and taken to their new dorm room or apartment.  Forget making a ton of trips, this little carrier is just the thing!

$20 – $50

Coverking UVCCAR4I98 Universal Fit Cover for Sedan Length 16.9 ft. to 19 ft. – Triguard (Gray)

Even if they don’t have a new Hyundai to show off, I’m sure they’d like to keep their car clean when they have to park under the hot sun, or on a blustery day. This car cover will help protect their sweet ride from dust, dirt, and the UV rays of the sun.

Personalized Keychain and License Plate

This is totally cute, and totally perfect if your new grad likes to decorate their ride.  Let their personality shine!

Mystic Industries Reindeer, Black Bat and Easter Bunny Three Seasons Vehicle Costumes, (Pack of 3)

I want this.  Totally.  If your new grad has a great sense of humor and a good holiday spirit, they’ll appreciate this fun and festive gift.

Under $20

Swiss+Tech ST53130 Palm-Grip Micro-Max Xtreme Pocket Tool Kit

While this isn’t specifically a ‘car-gift’ per se, it’s absolutely essential for any driver, male or female.  You never know what’s going to happen during a road trip, commute time, or a day trip.  I keep one of these in my glove box, and it’s well used!

If you’re looking for some great car gifts for your new High School grad, you can definitely stop by Glenn Hyundai and check out their fantastic inventory of used Hyundais! However, if your new grad is already happy with the car they have, these cool gifts are sure to show them you understand how much they love their car, and you’re super proud of them for achieving this milestone!