Play It Again: Check Out These Great Hyundai Commercials – Lexington, KY

Hyundai has always prided itself on innovation.

The cars are one thing. If you look at a Hyundai on a lot, you’re more than likely seeing top-tier machinery that looks amazing and can perform at the highest level.

But while Hyundai has been terrific at being innovative in terms of the vehicles it produces, Hyundai also does a great job selling its product to the masses. Over the last few years, Hyundai has produced some of the greatest commercials to come across our TV sets.

These commercials aren’t just the traditional advertisements that showcase the low MSRP or the great gas mileage. Hyundai has become versatile in their commercials. Some are funny, some are smooth and some showcase high-ranking celebrities.

Let’s go ahead and hit the play button, and check out these great Hyundai commercials.

This was back in 2014, when Hyundai started showcasing its new 2015 Hyundai Sonata design. The first thing that comes to mind after watching this commercial is how smooth the two cars are next to each other. You can tell the film is sped up a bit, which throws off the human eye for a moment. You immediately think the drivers are going that fast and have great coordination behind the wheel. This is a fantastic display of speed and performance.

I had only seen this commercial once before, but it’s easy to be remembered because of the end. After many years of botching the name ‘Hyundai,’ other dealerships finally took Hyundai seriously and started to say it right. This is a very funny commercial, if not for the last seven seconds of it.

Take a few colors, add them with some motion and throw an element of a car in there, and you have Hyundai’s advertisement for the 2015 Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan. Art should be appreciated in any way it can, and for Hyundai to use the human body, its motion and the mixture of color was a bold and very impressive move. Hyundai shows in this commercial that it can get funny when need be, but also show a side of sentiment and appreciation for subtlety. This was very well done, and might be Hyundai’s best commercial yet.

Great news for all you “Big Bang Theory” fans: Here’s Johnny Galecki driving through flaming hoops in a Super Bowl commercial. The man known for playing Leonard channels his inner Evel Knievel (or so we’re led to believe), all in a desperate attempt to flirt with a woman while driving in a new Hyundai Elantra. Let’s just say Penny would be very, very angry at Galecki if he tried something like this.

Hyundai continues to be the centerpiece of innovation, and that’s no different when it comes to visiting the forward-thinking folks at your¬†Lexington area Hyundai store. The commercials are so well done, they make you want more. Who doesn’t want to be driving a new 2015 Hyundai Genesis in Lexington¬†after seeing that? And if it’s too late, who’s to say we can’t wait for the 2016 Hyundai Genesis release date to hurry up and get here already? One can only imagine how those commercials will look. Be sure to check back here for any more news on future Hyundai vehicles!