Go Parallel Like a Pro: 5 Best Parking Hacks for Your New Hyundai – Lexington, KY

Parking should be easy, right? Unfortunately if you’re like me, you have your fair share of door dings, scrapes and an unfortunate dent in the garage wall from where you pulled in a little too quickly! I also once tapped my husband’s motorcycle when it was in the garage, which promptly tipped it over and resulted in a hilarious scramble to find neighbors at 10:00 P.M. to help me pick it up. But, I digress. Parking can be an unexpected hassle at times, so I’m going to share the best parking hacks to keep your, say, 2016 Hyundai Tucson exterior looking like new!

Use Your Noodle

A pool noodle, to be precise. If you have a narrow garage, you may find that you unwittingly open your door right into the wall! Affix one of these long foam noodles to the wall, at door height, and dents, dings and chips in the paint are a thing of the past!

The Tennis Ball Trick

I don’t know if I have poor depth perception or what, but I consistently pull too far forward in my garage. I just read the 2016 Hyundai Veloster Rally reviews so, if I want one of these babies, I have to do something quickly to keep it safe! For this parking tip, you start by parking in the garage exactly where you want to be every time you park. Measure from the middle of your windshield up to the ceiling and cut a piece of string that length. Screw a hook into a tennis ball, tie the other end to the string and hang from the tennis ball from the ceiling above your car. Voila! Every time you drive into the garage, you know to stop right when the tennis ball touches the windshield!

Make Sure You Wear Your Walking Shoes

If you have a family or are the adventurer who needs everything the roomy and convenient the 2016 Hyundai Tucson features, you know that parking can literally be like trying to squeeze in between a rock and a hard place! This is especially true at any shopping center during the holidays. As cars have become smaller and more compact, parking spaces have become smaller as well to fit more places for consumers.  This can lead to accidental scrapes, bumps and dings. When looking for a spot, park farther away when spaces are plentiful and the chances of ending up with a scrape are almost nil. It may take you an extra five minutes to get to the stores, but you’ll be able to eat that Cinnabon with little to no guilt.

Parallel Parking Made Easy

I am absolutely terrible at this necessary maneuver, but I have a few tricks to making sure it is less trouble than it needs to be. The most important thing is to make sure the spot you’ve chosen is at least a meter longer than your vehicle. Anything smaller will almost certainly lead to a tapped bumper. Next, try to make sure that the two vehicles you’re going to park between are parked well; you’ll used them to gauge how close to the curb you are. Once you’ve slid into the spot, pull your steering wheel into the center position. This will help prevent you from pulling out at an unexpectedly sharp angle!

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When you’re looking for a place to park, make sure you gauge the environment around your vehicle to avoid any unsavory consequences. If you don’t want to mess up your pretty 2016 Hyundai Elantra GT paint colors, for example, you’ll want to keep that new car shine by avoiding parking spots underneath trees. Tree sap, bird droppings and dirt are terrible enemies to your paint. If you’re grocery shopping, park far away from a cart return area. Most shoppers are ready to just get home and unload their food, and most of the time will half-heartedly return their cart. This leads to runaway carts that always seem to know which cars are newer and dent-free!


If your car does end up in an unfortunate parking misadventure, bring you car into your premier Lexington Hyundai service center at Glenn Hyundai to get the damage assessed! I hope these parking tips have helped alleviate some of the stress of finding a place to park your Hyundai in a busy town like ours!