The Evolution of Hyundai Design: It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Hyundai Anymore! – Lexington, KY 

In the 1990s (for some reason I mentally exclude the 2000s from memory), any mention of the Hyundai brand was usually followed by a raised eyebrow, accompanied by a snarly-lipped “huh?”

Understandably so.

Now, if you currently own a 1995 Hyundai Accent, understand that I’m not in any way trying to say that your car isn’t amazing.

It’s just that the 2016 Hyundai Accent,


 is not your grandfather’s Hyundai!

Seriously, look at the evolution of Hyundai design in the last two decades. Grandpa’s text messaging, on Facebook and rocking some clean new lines!

While driving this baby off the lot, the first thing that you were compelled to do was plug the Bon Jovi cassette in and turn the dial to the right.


Even if that lot happened to be your parents’ driveway, and, instead of Bon Jovi it was Red Hot Chili Peppers, life was good. Little did you know that some future blogger would be referring to your hot new ride as your grandfather’s Hyundai in a blog post. Or that blogging would be a thing, in this far out future. Simply put, the re-imagined 2016 Sonata,

sonata2is not your grandfather’s Hyundai!

Perhaps Hyundai’s most popular offering of the late 1990s was the Tiburon.


Car enthusiasts raved about the speed produced by the 140 horsepower engine, and, even though it is known for its speed, the latest models featured a 31 MPG highway fuel economy. Tiburon production ended in 2008, but, for those who fell in love with the Tiburon, fear not. The 2015 Genesis Coupe engine has raced into the next generation of the Hyundai sports car motor lineage, and is most certainly, without a doubt,



The 2016 Hyundai series delivers on appearance while still sporting timeless craftsmanship. If you’ve been searching for a reliable vehicle with unparalleled fuel efficiency and great looks, then welcome, my friend, to the next generation. Glenn Hyundai in Lexington is currently offering end-of summer-deals on 2015 Hyundai models, so now’s the time to check out the new side of the brand for yourself.