Who Drives a Hyundai Genesis? Your Personality Type May Fit the Bill! – Lexington, KY

It was a chilly November day, some few weeks ago, that I was driving around town with absolutely nothing to do but to stare at random people and judge them. As I cruised by University Drive, I noticed a man driving a Hyundai Genesis.

I thought to myself, “who drives a Hyundai Genesis?

I wasn’t looking down on this guy. In fact, we were pretty much the same height above the ground. No, I was simply wondering what kind of person drives a Hyundai Genesis in Lexington, because it’s not cheap and it’s a luxury car that is a pretty rare sight in the area. The driver wore sunglasses that were most likely not from Ross Dress for Less and the car was really clean on the outside. He could have had any of the following five personality types:

The Technical Scientist

This guy has the fanciest, most recent, technologically advanced everything. I’m talking touchscreen televisions, talking refrigerators and self-warming socks. He works at a lab and definitely brings his work home. He knows the exact specs of his Hyundai Genesis engine he has and his exact carbon footprint.

The Fast Stock Broker Guy

He doesn’t cook dinner. Lunch is a time for networking. Made $100,000 over breakfast, which was a Frappucino and chocolate croissant. His shoes are shined and his hair is gelled. His lawyer takes care of his speeding tickets and his fully-loaded Genesis comes with every feature Hyundai offers.

The Booksmart Self-Employed Guy

This guy finds every excuse in the world to bring up everything his Hyundai Genesis features in conversation. He has a lot of conversations. He finds inspiration everywhere; a pool, an interesting cloud formation, movies, books. He bought his Genesis with his ingenuity and he knows exactly what he looks like in it because there are lots of pictures to prove it.

The Edgy Doctor

His mock is pressed and his glasses are precise. He wears a Rolex to work and plays the newest Titleist irons. He’s obviously a country club member. He obviously has a private golf cart and you should already know that it’s the most cutting edge-cart there. His Hyundai Genesis is parked in the valet directly in front of the clubhouse doors, in case you were wondering.


Even if you’re not one of the beforementioned personality types or genders, you have to admit that the 2016 Hyundai Genesis is an intriguing vehicle. Test drive a new Genesis and you’ll discover a part of you that you never knew existed. No matter how successful we become in life, we all still appreciate a deal. Until the end of the month, you have an opportunity to get into a 2016 model with no payments until the new year. Don’t trust anyone but the experts at Glenn Hyundai in Lexington with your Genesis questions and concerns.